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Got Any Good Radish Recipes?

This spring, my family and I are really trying to lighten up. We’re trying to laugh more with each other, not take ourselves too seriously, look at all the fortunate things we have in our lives and generally just be lighter. I don’t know about you, but this takes a lot of effort for me. I tend to take myself waaay too seriously.

Springtime is a really great time to work on this, I find. My son is learning to ride his skateboard so we spend many evenings after dinner wandering around the neighborhood in search of the smoothest sidewalks and the most challenging curbs to practice jumping over (I’m sure there’s a more technical term than “jumping over” lol). During this time, we’re not thinking about anything but being together, being outside and whether or not this street is too bumpy.

Another great way I can feel light and airy is to get out into the garden. Springtime brings bees, gophers, sprouts, flowers, pollen, snails… It just fills me with joy to putter among the greenery and watch the seeds I planted back in March sprout and grow leaves. It makes me laugh every single morning when I pluck a dozen snails out of the garden (seriously--every morning!) and feed them to my duck for breakfast. I get so excited when I serve my family bushels of radishes that are coming out of the garden every day.

Seeds can sit dormant for years, potentially centuries, just waiting to be planted and feel the sun on their leaves. They store up their reserves, holding onto their potential knowing (hoping) one day they’ll be able to let loose and burst into the world.

I can relate to this little seed-- after the tough year we had last year, it’s really nice (essential) to breathe in the fresh air, feel the wind on our faces and enjoy the beauty around us. It’s those lovely springtime things that can really lighten up a mood.

The world feels lighter for me right now. I hope it does for you too.