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Hello, we are Color Mill Design

We'll help you tell your story.

A team of escapees from the corporate world who decided that the forests of entrepreneurship seemed incredibly more rewarding than the daily grind. Our priorities lie in helping businesses tell their story, creating things that make people go Wow!, and using our unique blend of talents to bring ideas to life.

We are small enough to be personally involved with every one of our clients and nimble enough to deliver what we say we will.

Aspen Logan

Aspen Logan


Aspen is a project manager, writer, a Myers Briggs certified extrovert and a Canadian. After spending some time as a digital artist, she found her calling nearly 20 years ago as a software producer, managing video games for companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Pixar and Dreamworks. Aspen’s personality made project management a natural fit-- she gets energized by talking with people and thrives in a structured, carefully planned environment. She also understands the creative process and therefore knows how to coax artists and coders to be creative on her schedule.

“I write only when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes every morning at nine o'clock sharp.” ― W Somerset Maugham

Jeremy Logan

Jeremy Logan

Creative Director and CFO

Jeremy is a fine art oil painter, animator and coder. He spent 20 years in software, animating AAA video games before transitioning his creative skills to design. He has an innate sense of curiosity which has allowed him to simultaneously master coding and create beautifully intricate illustrations. Jeremy is an expert in front-end web development and oversees all creative projects. He has shaped the Color Mill into what it is today by bringing a relentless design sense, an unwavering drive to push creative boundaries and a gift for imagining the unimaginable.

“To be an artist means never to avert one's eyes.” ― Akira Kurosawa